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Our Recent Auditorium Renovation

We have now completed our renovation and redesign of our auditorium to meet the growing demand for space, to provide a more welcoming environment, and to improve sound quality and accessibility. A committee of 10 Laurel members developed the plan with input from the congregation, consultation with experts, and the perspective of past efforts.

The Laurel elders believe the new design will improve our stewardship of the church building and property by creating more usable space for classes without the far more costly path of adding onto the building. They also believe the new design will provide a less formal and intimidating first impression on visitors, who currently enter to rows of congregants who are facing away from them and must stand or slide down pews to make room.

At the accompanying links, you will find documents that explain the Auditorium Committee’s work in more detail, including images, a list of common questions (and answers), and the presentation committee Chairman Jon Russell made to the congregation on April 2, explaining how the committee reached its recommendations and how you can help.

Auditorium Report and Program Statement

Auditorium FAQ

Auditorium Project Summary